Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My tights are as pink as Patrick Star.

Outfit of today.
Well today I woke up, and it was the first time in two weeks I really woke up and I din't lay down for another extra 10 minutes!
So I went to my computer, and I started to learn my vocabulary for English. So I learned and learned and learned, and after a while I found out that I had to hurry before class started!

So I quickly took some clothes and changed.

What do I wear?
Grey vest - Forever21
Lace shirt - New Look
Pink tights - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Grey undershirt - LTB

I'm sorry for the bad quality of my pictures!


Summerlovee said...

Super leuke outfit! I lovee the legging/panty!

Je blog ziet er ook super uit!

Denise said...

Nee hoor, je hebt het goed :). Kom jij er ook wel eens?

Denise said...

Ik vind het ook niet altijd leuk, maar soms is het wel heel gezellig als er leuke mensen zijn. Woon je in Dronten?