Thursday, October 28, 2010

Justin Nozuka 26-10-2010.

It was amazing!

Alright, so the day before yesterday (the 26th of October) I finally went to Justin Nozuka!
I was really looking forward to it, so I was very excited when it all started! I went with my niece, and 2 friends of mine were also there.
In the beginning, it wasn't very crowdy (I actually hoped it would stay like that haha) though, when Justin came it was unbelieveble crowdy! There was this giant with afro hair and he was standing right in front of me! OMG all those dancing hairs, it was like they were having their own life or something,
luckely I was able to move up a bit, so I had a great view!

Funny fact: Justin was stoned haha! But he really performed fantastic! I think everybody just fell in love with him, just the way he sang was amazing! Also his voice when he speeks! It's like, WOW!
Hm might sound like I'm a bit obsessed by him...
(Though I have to admit, he's sexy ^^)

I'm so sorry for the blury pics!

Well I really enjoyed Justin Nozuka's performance and I defenitely wanna go again when he comes back to the Netherlands next time!


Nikola said...

I love Justin Nozuka!!! :)

Angélique said...


Lisanne said...


Summerlovee said...

Wat een super gave foto;s zeg! Ik vind ze wel heel erg goed gelukt! Mooi dat je het naar je zin had :D
Ja nou, is toch leuk? Haha
Aah dat is wel balen! Ik moest bijna de hele vakantie aan schoolwerk, je had dus nog wel mazzel! Hahha. Het is nooit leuk om daar weer aan te denken, een week is zo om! Awh sorry, haha, maarja, het is wel zo. Je hebt wel nog 3 dagen (met het weekend erbij)
Nouja, geniet nog van je laatste paar daagjes vakantie! En succes met je schoolwerk!

jessica said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I like your blog and I follow you now, hoping you'll do the same ^^ I would like you take part in my giveaway, take a look ^^

Fashioncrime said...

Ik ken de zanger absoluut maar het klinkt alsof je het naar je zin hebt gehad en dat is mooi :)

Maggy said...

Haha ik ken deze zanger idd ook niet! Maar als je het maar leuk heb gehad hihi, bedankt voor je reacties nog! ♥

Be your muse. said...

aww but why can't I see the pictures??? I've taken a look of the rest of your blog and it's so good! =)

I'm gonna follow u!


Civetta said...

My friends is his big fan! I don't really know his songs, but hmmm maybe I'm gonna listen to them?

lady_flower123 said...

I really like this shoes, but i'm affraid of the quality ;/

Grace said...

The photos came out beautiful!

Love Grace.

Diana said...

how fun :) i love concerts

Glenda C said...

that guys hair is crazy

Anna said...

Oh vet, ik wilde ook gaan, maar ik had geen geld meer, was het toevallig in Groningen?
Concerten zijn altijd geweldig <3

BM said...

im glad you had fun! love his tattoo

thanks for your sweet comment too! have a look at my latest outfit post if you like


Jennifer R.Kociolek said...

Yeaaah this photos are cool, i love it :)
Thanks for you comments !!

Keanu said...

Cool foto's!
I am gonna follow you i think.