Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I love.

No this won't be a declaration of love to someone :)
I've already told you I were gonna post about ten things I love, because a while ago I've been tagged by Spence from: http://www.simplyspence.blogspot.com/

So the rules are simple, I just have write down 10 things I love, and after I have to tag a few other bloggers!

10 things I love:

1. Labello's and nailpolish.
I can't help it, but I'm a little, tiny bit addicted to both of them! Sucks that I always lose my Labello's, but I collect them anyway haha!
In the past I used to wear a different colour of nailpolish each day, don't know what kind of a lifeless life I had by then, now I can't even imagine having the time for doing that! ^^

2. Sales.
Yeah I really lóve sales! All kind of them, especially the sample sales! Don't think I have to explain this. Who doesn't want to have the newest stuff for a lower price? Well I do! Therefore I'm so glad I visit them often :)

3. Friends & Family.
Both are very important in my life. Yeah, I might sound a bit cliché, but it's true! Really love to hang out with them, most of the people my age, only hang out with friends, but one way or another I also hang out a lot with my family. Don't know how come, but I love it this way!

4. Inspirationpics.
You might know this already, I just love them! This one also doesn't need further explanation.

5. Delicious food (and tea!).
I'm always hungry. Whether it's 06.00 O'clock or 23.30, I don't mind. Don't know why, don't like it, but it's true. I'm always hungry, just like cookiemonster, but I just eat everything. Might be a bad habit, but I can't help it! And tea, yeah that's just a part of my life I guess... Though, a few years ago I didn't like it at all, now my favourite flavour is liquorice! Yummy!

6. Fashionmagazines and books.
I love to read, this year I haven't got that much time for it, because of school. But I really love to read. Most of the times the books I read are a bit girly. Or just books without a complicated story, haha easy reading! Also magazines are great, though I have to admit, most of the time I'm a bit like a child, I only watch the pictures and drawings haha! Recommendation: Life as a fly (in Dutch: De wonderbaarlijke dag waarop ik alles kon horen en zien in de jongenskleedkamer. Haha hoe geweldig is die titel wel al niet XD)!

7. Partying and music.
Well, well, well... I love to party. Whether it's a big disco fever party, or just a cose houseparty, I love both of them :)
And music, yeah it's just great, this doesn't need any further explanation!

8. Animal prints and lace.
At the moment I really love animal dessings and lace. They can both be so slutty (I'm sorry for my language), but I love them anyway! You just have to know how to wear it I guess, let's hope I don't wear them slutty for God's sake!

9. Jewelry.
Diamonds are a girl's best friends. Yeah that's what they told me...
I have to admit I would love to have a lot of them, but fortunately I also accept other jewelry haha!
They can make every outfit special, and in my opinion, they always give it the final touch!

10. Blogging and my followers.
Last but not least ofcourse blogging and my followers! When I started this blog, I didn't expect people from abroud, but now more then 65 countries have visited my blog and it makes me so happy every time again and again when I see I've got new visitors, and even better, new followers!
That's why I wanna say thank you so much to all of you :)

&I will tag:

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ynske'' said...

gave foto's ! (ll')

en bedankt voor je lieve reactie <3

xVengeance said...


Ah, we gaan al samen wokken, maar wil hem graag een leuk kleinigheidje kopen ;).
Ben er nog niet helemaal uit, haha.
& 2,5 jaar is inderdaad lang ja, maar ben hem nog lang niet zat ^^.

Oh, gelukkig dat het gemaakt kan worden!
Nu maar oppassen met de sneeuw die -misschien- nog komen gaat :3.

&leuk die top 10.
Ik heb hetzelfde haha, vind al die dingen ook geweldig :3.

'xo xo.

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Beautiful pictures!



Carmen said...

Ja, sales zijn awesome. Er zit altijd wel iets leuks tussen =) ! Leuke tag !

Lana. said...

Ik zou dit hele lijstje zo over kunnen kopiëren haha!

M'n boots komen van de Schoenenreus ;).

Jelka said...

Leuk om te lezen en te weten! :D

Alisha said...

Great post xox


slash / point . seventeen 17 said...

Bedankt voor het taggen en je reacties, maar ik heet geen Denise, haha. x

Joy said...

You love all the best things in life!

Hanna said...

I love the things you love!


Maggy said...

haha leuke dingen heb je genoemd! en bedankt voor het taggen! zal er binnenkort een post over maken! :) hihi

Anouk Océanne said...

ik volg je nu :)

Diane said...

Hy! Thanks for visiting my blog, you have a really nice list here, I aprove of almost all!:P


Jennie said...

ah dankjewel, echt lief van je! :D

luisamarie said...

De meeste van deze 10 dingen hea .. I love them too! hahaha

& nog bedankt voor je reactie! en ook voor je begrip en steun :)
Je hebt wel een tijdje dat je gewoon even geen tijd hebt voor andere dingen, en school gaat gewoon voor.. Jammer genoeg wel =p

Caramelle said...

I Love what you love!

-Ja, vind het ook echt super jammer, ben allemaal oplossingen aan het verzinnen met rokjes eronder enzo haha, maar dat werkt niet echt. Dankjewel voor je tip! ♥

Mirjam said...

Leuke post! :)
ik ben ook echt zooo verslaafd aan labello, maar ik spaar ze ook haha had je misschien wel gezien op mn blog :P

Caramelle said...

stom van mij, lees pas net je reactie op mijn andere post,.maar, de stenen verzamelde ik vroeger via zo'n tijdschrift "schatten van de aarde" xD Komen ze nu mooi van pas! Anders kan je bij antiekmarkten/rommelmarkten of wereldwinkeltjes kijken. Daar verkopen ze ook vaak zulke stenen :D


Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

good picks, and that photo speaks for itself! I love Labello's lipbalms, too. ^^

xxx Charlie
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Mariël. said...

Helemaal mee eens !
En heerlijk inspirerende foto's.

Heels lover said...

Great stuff! I love most of the things you've written about here:D

♥ kisses ♥


Jennifer R.Kociolek said...

Great article :)
a user when your next article fashion?

We love the sweet life said...

Leuke post! thanks for sharing! :)


KANI said...

it will be at least 5 years before i can afford any sort of property.. hahahahahah :D

Rosa said...

Leuke tag en leuke dingen die jij loved. ik vind veel dingen die jij hebt geloved ook leuk :)

kirstyb said...

i love sales x

sian said...

who doesnt love sales?! haha, and good food, ahh. list of great things :) xx

the dresscode said...

Leuke om te lezen,
en de eerste foto is mooi!
Dankjewel voor het volgen (:

Fashioncrime said...

ahhh dankjewel! Ik zal het binnenkort op me blog zetten :)

franca maisha said...

hey beautiful, you've got a great blog here! and nice style :) keep it up!


Anna said...

Haha, heel leuk om te lezen! (:
Dat boek klinkt echt geniaal! xD

helga said...

BBBeautiful!!!! cool!

Spence. said...

Lovely post m'dear ;)
I really love wearing lace and animal prints too but I know exactly what you mean about when it's less fahion more fa-huh?! tehe.

Lorieverdorie said...

Ik heb echt in elke tas wel een labello steken :D