Sunday, February 6, 2011

TAG ║ Confessions.

This would be me if I were a cat, just a lazy-ass. 

Shame on me.
Lately (from october already!) I received some awards,
and every time I said like 'yeah please remind me of it, 'cause I know I'm gonna forget otherwise', but every time I still forgot.

So now I'm finally posting about all those lovely girls who nominated me and of course the awards they gave me!

SummerloveCarinaDanielleJaimieJente and Hariette gave me the Stylish Blogger Award, so first of all I wanna thank them of course! From Loes I received the Versatile Blogger Award, of course I really wanna thank her as well! And now I have to write 7 facts about me...
Well I already did something like this a few times, so I'm trying not to write the same things, otherwise you guys are gonna think I'm such a boring person! ^^

1. I'm a Gleek. 
Yeah I'm not ashamed of it, I'm just a Gleek and that's it 8)

2. I love chickmovies/chicklits. 
You know, those 'stupid' movies, you don't have to think about difficult puzzles and missions or whatever, you only have to imagine that you're that girl who is living that fairytale? Yeah I have to admit, I love to watch or read such things. My favorites still are Raise Your Voice, A Cinderella Story and Mean Girls, I think I've watched those for over 50 times.

Hooray for Glee, Puck is sexy haha! Quinn is so beautifull btw!

3. I'm a girly-girl. 
I always try to convince myself of being a tough girl, but in the end I'm just a girly girl. Though I love wearing some 'not girly girl' stuff, I always try to make it a bit feminine. Also my room, it's pink all over the place, I've got a pink lamp, pink chairs and I even got pink curtains, so yeah that's like pretty in pink ^^

4. I'm a computer illiterate. 
For those who don't know what this is. It's just that I'm a retard when it comes to computers or anything what is related to it. Most of the time I just don't understand all the modern technology haha!

5. I eat all day long. 
I don't know how come, I'm even wondering how something like this is possible, but I really eat like 24/7. I'm always starving and I just have to eat every single moment haha! (well not in a creepy way or something, it's not that I'm turning in some kind of Hulk when I can't eat...)

I especially love sushi, it's just like yummy!

6. I'm lazy.
Yeah I've got a bit of this lazy-ass problem. Most of the time, I've got a whole list of things which I wanna do, but in the end I only did one or something. That's also the main reason - I think - why my room is almost always a mess, once in a while I'm cleaning up my whole room, then it's like WOW and yeah a few days/hours later it's a mess again, just because I'm too lazy putting everything where it belongs... Bad habit it is!

7. I really hope one day I'll discover my true talent. 
Haha it would be so cool, that one day I'll discover that I'm like a star in ..... Yeah I dunno jet, it's not that I'm this depressing chick, who thinks all bad about me, no of course (fortunately) not! But it would be great though...

So wow now I have to nominate bloggers, which is - in my opinion - one hell of a job,
that's why I'm passing this one to every one of you, just because you're all fantastic because you're reading this whole post about me! Mygosh can't imagine that it's interesting haha!

All pics are from we heart it.


Jente. said...

leuke schrijfstijl heb je!

Jente. said...

oh , ik heb je ook een award gegeven x]

Coco said...

ik hou zo van puck :)

Little luxuries teenagers said...

I strongly agree with the number 6, Hahaha, I'm too lazy .. : S hahahaha
Sweet kisses ♥

Lisanne said...

leuk om te lezen! ♥


Sanah said...

Gleeeee <3 en Puck is eeeerg sexy haha (:

Fashioncrime said...

Dit heb je echt leuk geschreven. En glee is geweldig :'D

Marieke said...

Leuk, die feitjes :)

Jaimie said...

Hee Jan,
ik geef jou ook de Stylish Blogger Award!

Liefs Jaimie

Joy said...

Zo leuk om die feitjes te lezen :)

Sam said...

Erg leuk om te lezen!!
Ik deel Glee en Sushi met je, geweldig.

Sofie said...

Haha wonderful, and congratulations!
I love chickmovies/chicklits too :-)


Béracha said...

haha,ik heb hetzelfde, ik vergeet die awards ook altijd.
wel leuk om te lezen dit,trouwens! (:

Sabrina O. said...

leuke post! al die dingen zijn ook zo herkenbaar hihi..


Summerlovee said...

Heeeel leuk! :D
xx <33

julianne. said...

youre adorable!
mmm sushi is the best.
and i just wanna snuggle with that kitty.<3

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Lovely cat *_*


Anne ♥ said...

leeuk om te lezen!
je verdient het echt.

Jeanne Kiur said...

thank you for your comment.

Hannie said...

Oh, sushi! Great pictures! :)
xoxo from Hannie

Lizelisabeth said...

Love your blog dear!! Great photos!! Tanks for dropping by and made such sweet comment.. Follow you now.. ;)

hug and kiss kiss,

Maike said...

Hahah, ik begrijp je helemaal. Ik vindt het onderwater altijd zo mooi maar zelf vindt ik het nou niet zo heel fijn om in de zee te zwemmen. xxx

Loes said...

dankje! (:
haha ja idd beter laat dan nooit. Dat je er nu nog aan gedacht hebt, vind ik al een hele prestatie! ;p

Lisanne said...

aaaahw je katje!
wat super cute

Deborah said...

leuk! haha ja, er staan wel wat heftige dingen op ja. En inderdaad, ik moet van de week even dat liedje op gaan nemen, heb er nog geen tijd voor gehad. Shame on me haha.


Anne ♥ said...

dankje voor je leuke comment.
&graag gedaan hoor meid!

Cylia said...

sushi!:) en eten is natuurlijk ook één van mijn grootse hobbies;) hehe. fooood = yum. en hoop dat je je true talent ooit zal vinden:) komt vast goed!

harriette said...

Haha ik herken me in bijna alle punten ;d.
Liefs, Harriette.

Eva said...

O I love the photos, your blog is amazing.
Thank you for your comment, I follow you.
Ron pope is the best hahaha, kisses ;)
Follow me if you want to,

the dresscode said...

leuke geschreven!

Sophie Isobel said...

If I were an animal I'd be a cat, I'm also prone to be lazy.

Ann. said...

cats are just too cute (: xx Ann

Rimona said...

Thanks ♥
Leuk om te lezen!

Sophie said...

Dankje meid! Die sushi ziet er heeeerlijk uit :) haha
Lots of love

Petra said...

thanks for your comment :)
you have really great blog! :)

ANewPairOfVintageBoots said...

Hahah ik eet ook altijd de hele dag door, echt heel fout.

Leuk om te lezen (:

Tamara said...

Dankje! & Glee is inderdaad echt ge-wel-dig! <3 x

Elle said...

Leuke post! :D
Van die films en boeken is wel herkenbaar, haha. Maar net zo deprimerend als de film weer gedaan is.

silent fionna said...

your blog is so original!
i like it :D

Jeanine said...

Dankjee voor je reactie!!.
Joun kat is echt schattig <3

Marie-Renée said...

haha nice, enjoy (:
btw, I just followeddd (:

Maddalena said...

beautiful :D

SheShotta said...

The kitty is so cute ! It's okay to be lazy once in a while, don't worry :D xo

Sabrina O. said...

Jan! Het is me nu pas opgevallen dat ik je niet 'followde' :$
Dus bij deze!! Ja ik was vandaag ff wezen kijken voor zo'n jack, zag er een op de mannenafdeling van de H&M maar die viel echt niet mooi! Dus ik ga door met zoeken, ik laat het je weten!


Caramelle said...

Congratz met je awards! haha altijd leuk om te lezen die facts!


Claudia Paola. said...

That little kitten is so cute!!! Congratulations on your awards :D

*Claudia* x
Molto ❤ Fashion

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

hahaha uit de polder! jaja ..
kom je er ook vandaan?
leuke blog meis!
ik volg je al

i have a new outfit of todays!!

LOVE xo model from holland
evertday new post (L)

Courtney said...

Confessions is such a fantastic idea for a post! I'm a major gleek too!
Newly following your blog :) xx

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

omg that first picture is too adorable!

Lost at 11 said...

Thnks girl!

Sisters and Sisters said...

ja in geloof dat het 2 keer per jaar wordt georganiseerd, en lekker leuk gratis nagellak en een beetje geouwe hoer hahah :P
Nice post and blog you have! Wat denk je van elkaar te volgen?

Laat het ons weten meid!
Trouwens Jan ik wist nooit dat het bij meiden werd gebruikt, lekker stoer!

from Amsterdam

Deborah said...

Er stond wel ergens waar ze vandaan kwamen, maar die broek en shirt koste volgens mij best wel veel. o: Volgens mij kun je zulke broeken ook wel halen in winkels in nl, zoals ney yorker ofzo? i don't know hihi.


--Sanam-- said...

Congrats on the awards, and aww, that cat is gorgeous :D

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

Amy-Denise said...

Leuke post! :D

& dankje voor je comment, dat is inderdaad die oogschaduw.

Jérémy. said...

Are U ready? Lady Gaga is coming back! BORN THIS WAY, GO! Exclusively on 'I am hype ou j'essaye!'


Kaori Jolliffe said...

aw cutie :) i just read all your comments! thanks so much hehe. i've been boring myself with french homework so i'll be sure to check out the rest of your blog tomorrow afternoon :D <3

Leather & Lace said...

i watched my first episode of glee the other night,.and it was rather enjoyable..

Andreea said...

Awwwww, that kitty is so cute<3

♥ kisses ♥

Binny said...

hey! thanks for the comment, let's follow :)

I gleek, and girly-girl also. Andddd I've come to terms that I don't have any distinct talents, but that's okay! :P