Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TAG ║ I'll stop the whole world from turning into a monster.

Sometimes I get tagged, I really appreciate it, but I haven't got the time to post every day, and most of the time (when I post) it's an outfit post or a post about something I did that day/week! So by then, I always forget to post about my tags, I do write down the person(s) who tagged me, so I can always post about it later (otherwise I'm gonna feel guilty and everything...)

So here is one of the tags, I'd got tagged by: Bonita and Camille, first of all I want to thank them of course!

A tag isn't always easy, there are even rules! Haha!
So the rules are:
Thank the person who tagged you (check!)
♥ Write an article about it (doin' right now...)
♥ Answer the following questions (gonna do...)
♥ Tag 10 other people who you think they deserve this tag and tell them! Well I make an exception, everyone who reads this (really reads this, so not just looks at 2 words or whatever ^^) is allowed to copy this tag, or well, how do you call that? Feel free to be tagged? Well you got what I mean haha 8)

Your favorite....
... color: Pink!
... pet: a dog, or a cat, hm I don't know for sure!
... song: well that changes day by day, I mean it seriously depends on the mood and day and, and and... It just changes every time, when you'll look at the end of most of my posts, you'll see a bit of the music I love!
... perfume: I've got a lot of favorite perfumes, hmmm... Some of the perfumes I love are 'Pace Rabanne - Black XS', 'Marc Jacobs - Daisy', 'DKNY - pure', 'Victor&Rolf - Flowerbomb', 'Dsquared2 - The Wood' and 'the original Lolita Lempicka'.
... hobby: Shopping, hanging around with friends, clubbin', reading...

What do you always wear? 
Well my Lowlands 'bracelet' and my helix earrings (I've got two of them, gosh I still had to post about them, myohmy...), besides that my clothes? Haha strangeee question ^^'

What do you prefer, to get or to give presents?
To get and to give! Is that also an option? Probably not... Hmmm I have to be honest with you, I love to get presents, I mean, who doesn't?! Which doesn't mean that I don't like to give them, I mean it's great to see that someone else is happy and everything... Haha evil me!

The last time you wore eyeshadow, it was from...
Euhm I don't wear eyeshadow very often, but I think it was Bourjois, a bronze one I guess...

Do you wear nail polish? 
Hell yeah! Haha I wear nail polish every day!

Oh and I have to tell you guys something exciting!
Actually I have to tell you a lot of exciting things! Oohlala haha!
Well I'll tell them tomorrow, or the day after...

Paramore - Monster.

Source: We♥it.


camilleee said...

geen dank hihi, ben benieuwd what voor 'exciting' iets je gaat vertellen ^^

Britt said...

Wauw wat een mooie foto's! xx

Amber said...

thnx voor je reacties!
haha nee dat was ik neit op die foto! i wish! leuke blog heb je!:D
love for pink!
x amber

xsamanthavk said...

Kom maar op met dat exciting news !

Moroccan fashion diary said...

Great photos!!!

my very own lookbook said...

je hebt echt een leuke schrijfstijl!

haha ik ben benieuwd naar je exiting news (:

life of lindsey said...

#reactie op m'n blog

nee ? haha . ik vind dat echt heel erg leuk ! (:

lulu said...

Ik draag wel bijna elke dag nagellak in de zomer, in de winter eigenlijk bijna nooit :)

Bente said...

Leuke tag :)
Ben benieuwd naar je nieuws!

Erika said...

wow I wasn't a big fan of the colour pink until I saw this post...the pink in this collection is more like subtle, not too strong, soft, and feminine, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

btw nice blog you got here, followed! Do check out and follow mine if you like it ;)

much love

Esther said...


Kylie said...

Wat een leuke tag haha! :D Meestal hou ik er ook niet zo van, maar deze is leuk!

ik ga trouwens naar mont-roig in spanje! dat is ongeveer 10 km van salou af :) en daarna nog lekker naar aruba haha. Ga jij ook nog op vakantie?


Angie G said...

You received a award. Check my blog for further information :)



cecylia.com said...

wow these are the most amazing photos I've ever seen! So soft and feminine and utterly adorable!
Come follow my blog hun :)

Mariël. said...

haha nou veel party-pics is altijd een goed teken toch! ik maak alleen bijna nooit foto's op feestjes, maar als ik jou zie denk ik dat ik dat toch maar moet doen! :p

Eline said...

Leuk om dit te lezen. :)

TheMadTwins said...

leuke post en geweldige foto's

xxx <3

fashioncrushing said...

Leuke tag! En ik ben ook wel benieuwd naar de spannende nieuws...

Denise said...

Ik doe ook bijna nooit tags. Maar wel leuk dat je deze hebt gedaan!

The fashion berries -personal blog said...

really great post, you have very nice blog, I am yor new follower, please follow me back

have a nice days
xx :)

J's said...

leuk om te lezen !

Summerlovee said...

Haha in de vakantie bak k ook altijd veel meer (A) haha!

Ik had deze tag ook gehad :D
Leuke antwoorden!


Myrthe said...

Superleuke tag! Leuke antwoorden ook ;). Leuke blog heb je, ik volg je! Volg je mij ook?

Gabriella Tessa en Anouk said...

Leuk :)

kaarlijnx-x said...

super leuke tag en antwoorden :) ♥

Red Reidinghood said...

Wow, die eerste foto! Prachtig!

Annie said...

Echt leuke post!!!!
Annie van