Thursday, June 28, 2012

LIFE ║ Devilish number of followers.

Just a little update
Thank you so much for following me! 

Lately everything is pretty hectic,
decided to quit school, in the end I want to do fashion anyway (long story).
Celebrated my birthday last Tuesday (Saturday it's my official birthday, turning 19 by then...)!
And now planning to do soooo many things, 
Friday I'll have a party, theme: everybody has to be dressed up, doesn't matter how. 
My outfit? Will be a surprise haha!

Now I'm off, right now watching the Nadal - Rosol tennis match, and can't watch it anymore. Don't know who that Rosol is, but I don't like the way he beats up Nadal. 
Poor kid. 

Well got to go, life calls!