Thursday, July 19, 2012

LIFE ║ They would be in love with you as am.

As you might have seen (move your eyes to the right side of the screen, and then the part below 'AGENDA', yeah right there indeed!) I'm going to this festival called: Henk op de Helling.

Cool story is coming up!
...A friend of mine is turning 18 this Sunday, so she asked whether we wanted to celebrate her birthday at this festival. I really wanted to go, but there was one problem, I really have to watch my money, so I was still in doubt. After some days I decided I would go to the festival, I had to!
But the day before we wanted to order the tickets, I received this suspicious e-mail...

The e-mail was from Fred the La Bretoiniere, whether I wanted to go to this exact festival and wear some of his newest shoes (and keep them!!!).
I couldn't believe this was real, so I asked my fellow bloggerfriends whether it was true and they told me it was! OMG, I literally was screaming and jumping and everything, which made me look like a total moron
While I was still searching for the 'pranked-camera's' (which I couldn't find...) I was still in trance, this was just too good to be true! 
So the days between then and now are still some kind of magic, still waiting (but definitely not hoping) 'till someone will come and tell me this was all a joke.
Saterday it's the big day, I will go to Henk op de Helling together with NanneRoos and Jennie and of course my other non-blogging-friends! Hoping the weather will support us, and the sun will shining bright (:

Is any of you also going? If so, you should definitely e-mail me at, we could have this mini-bloggers-meeting!

The XX - Angels.
The newest song of the second album 'Coexist' from the XX, releases in September, can't wait!


Kiki said...

Aaah super leuk! Veel plezier en ik ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe schoenen. Xxx

Fashiable said...

Ik heb er zin annnnnnnnn

Laura said...

Wat gaaf! Het lijkt me echt heel erg leuk! Heel veel plezier alvast en ik ben heel benieuwd naar je schoenen haha!

xoxo, Laura

Sam said...

Hi dear, thanks for visiting! The festival sounds so amazing! Hope to see some photos! Have an amazing time!

Denise said...

Waaaauw, wat een gelukje! Superleuk voor je :D.

Lifesplash said...

Oh wat leuk! Haha, en een belediging? Ik vind Vans juuuuuist leuk haha. :p

SPRFRK said...

haha ik ga misschien ook naar Henk op de helling zaterdag!
Super vette blog trouwens en HOE VET van die schoenen!!

cherishday said...

Omg, wat een coole kans!! Gratis entree en sneakers =]

Jennie from the Blog said...

haha jan, ik moest lachen om je stukje! "i was still searching for the pranked-cameras" :p ik heb er zin innnn

Lisanne said...

ontzettend leuk!