Sunday, August 5, 2012

EVENT ║ Henk op de helling.

I already told you Henk op de Helling was great, but no picture, no proof, sooo, here are the pictures!
The third picture is made by PUUR PR, I borrowed it from their Facebook (: 
As you can see, we all wore the same Fretons!

It looked pretty funny (to me), a lot of people looked weird at us, or asked us why we all wore the same sneakers. Understandable, I would think it's strange as well haha!
I also got some compliments 'bout the shoes, at the festival but also at my grandma's house haha! There were some other grannies over there and they wanted to know the brand of the shoe to go get some shoes for themselves. Not the sneakers of course, but they were superimpressed by the quality and the fabric (amazingly soft suede!), so they searched the stores in the Yellow Pages and decided to go there haha!

At the moment this post will be posted, I'm still chillin' somewhere in the USA!
Hopefully I can make hundreds of great pictures to share with you when I come back. I wanted to buy the 50 mm for my Canon, but because of all the things I had to do before leaving I just didn't have enough time to visit the stores -.-. 
Well I hope you guys are having the time of your lives, I hope I can say the same by the time this is posted (:

One Nighty Only - Say You Don't Want It.


Janne. said...

Ziet er gezellig uit! De sneakers zijn ook leuk. Veel plezier in Amerika :)

Nena said...

Haha wat leuk met die sneakers ! :D

The Melting Pot said...

Haha leuk die schoenen. Ziet er gezellig uit en leuke festival outfit heb je aan!


Dat festival ziet er leuk uit! Grappig dat jullie allemaal dezelfde schoenen aan hadden!

Janouk Weekhout said...

Leuke foto's!!!
Enter my give away!

Hanna & Christel said...

ziet er echt super leuk uit en we zijn fan van die schoenen!

Eve J said...

Ah jullie zien er geweldig uit, ben verliefd op die schoenen haha xx

Ice Pandora said...

Leuke party pics ^^
You and the girls
looking great!!