Thursday, August 2, 2012

LIFE ║ Calella '12 - the party goes on.

While I'm chilling in the USA right now, I'll show you part II of Calella.
Haha yeah, if you tought I wouldn't post 'bout it anymore... Wrong thoughts!
I'll spam my blog with these pictures. With a planned post (hope this works...). 
We made more than 2000 pictures in total (only digital! we also made some analogue ones...), so that's a lot of spamming haha!

So 'bout these pictures - while writing this, I'm wondering whether someone even cares, but alright, for those who do (1? 2? 3?)... - the first picture is at the Totally Summer party, my hair looks short over there, dunno how comes haha! The second one is, well, me, just chillin'. The third one is also me chilling, but then in a slightly different way haha! (Oh I'm wearing my newest and most beloved blouse over there!) Fourth picture is from the private-beach, if you seek for us, you might spot us. And the last picture is also from clubbin', I got that rose from some Belgian guys haha! (In case you thought that It's totally normal for me to walk with a paper rose...)


Eve said...

Super leuke foto's! Veel plezier in the USA! x

Esmay said...

Dus eerst maak je me jaloers met deze foto's en dan vertel je er ook nog 's bij dat je nu in Amerika bent? Nu word 't helemaal mooi haha!
Genieten zeg :D

Hanna & Christel said...

ziet er echt super leuk uit :D


Eline said...

echt leuke foto's :D

Linda said...

Wauw, ziet er zo leuk uit! Ik ga over iets meer dan 2 weken ook naar Calella, ziet er zeker goed uit :D :D

Isabelle said...

Ziet eruit als een gezellige vakantie! Veel plezier nog in de USA!

Fashiable said...

Hahaha die jongen op de derde foto, ik lig echt even dubbel! Hopelijk heb je het leuk in Amerika schatteke!

Stiene S. said...

Ziet er zo leuk uit! :D

Veere said...

Ziet er zo leuk & gezellig uit! Heel veel plezier in de USA, geniet ervan! :)

♥♥Fashion-LadyLovely♥♥ said...

Ziet er gaaf uit meid..
Die gozer vind jou wel erg interessant..

Leuke blog heb je! Elkaar volgen?
Have fun in the U.S.A

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