Saturday, August 11, 2012

LIFE ║ Yuma.

So now I'm actually in the USA, just chillin' in Yuma, a little stop before we're off to San Diego!
I'm at the hotel and since there is a computer over here, I decided to make a post already, 'cause my last automatic post will be on the 8th of August.

Tomorrow I'll return to the Netherlands, but then I'll be so superbizzy. The 15th I've got a meeting with the mentors from the introweek at the VU, then the 16th till the 20th I'll go to Lowlands (YEAAAH) and the 20th I'll have the introweek already!

After that I really need to find a job, 'cause as most of you know (if you read my blog) I stopped Business Administration at the VU... So if you know any jobs for me, don't hesitate to tell me (:

Now back to the good part, the USA is great! Ohmy really, it's amazing! The weather is almost always great, the people are superhappy and there are so many great stores! I haven't bought a lot yet, but I'm planning to buy some more things... Gne gne... 

For the smarties: the girl in the picture is not me. 
Just used a We♥it picture which I really liked, gonna search for a vest like this though!