Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hereby I'll present to you:

A few facts in a row:
1. I don't like crazy screaming people(14-year old JB-fans). No offence, I mean I might like the people as person, but just not as a screaming overreacting crowd (:
2. As far as I know I like guys in the kissing-kind-of-way.
3. I love to watch all kinds of auditions from The Voice and sh*t.

After watching this audition:
1. I understand why people can be a fan of someone (no not that I just turned into this freaky fan and everything, but I just understand more of the getting happy part).
2. If I would like girls, Dani would be my number 1.
3. That's all because I spended a few hours of watching YouTube movies again.

No but seriously, after watching this video, I immidiately told the people I was chatting with, that, if I would like girls I would be in love with Dani. (alright and I said that I'm secretly a little bit in love already) I mean come on, this girl really comes over like superspontenous doesn't she?
And then the song, haha just loved it, and I thought I had to share this with you.
Oh and an extra plus, she also has a great personality (yeah that's my conclusion after knowing her for years (meaning: watching all her YouTube videos)), I think this girl has her heart in the right place! Just watch the videos then you'll understand what I mean!



christian said...

aaaah zij is echt heel leuk!!
aah omg haha je wilt niet weten hoe uit mijn dak ik ging toen ik dit zag :P


Lisa Groot said...

ik kende haar nog niet! Zelf ga ik ook allemaal nieuwe talenten op YouTube af: dat is gewoon zo leuk haha. Ze is echt geweldig en ik ben nu al verliefd op haar humor!
Echt een super auditie!