Thursday, March 21, 2013

IN THE SPOTLIGHTS ║ National Glamour Day & Night.

I assume all you fashionable galls have this date set in your agendas for a long long time already,
but I'll keep you up to date anyway!
Because non of us wants to miss this of course (:

You all know the traditional National Glamour Day,
but now Glamour comes with something new: National Glamour Day & Night!
This will be on the 23th of March (that's upcoming Saturday), so get your Glamour and save the date!

For those who aren't aware of what I'm talking about... On National Glamour Day, Glamour celebrates fashion. Everybody who shows their Glamour magazine will get at least 20 percent discount at more then 3100 stores in The Netherlands and Belgium! Some examples of stores who are in for this day: H&M, (yeah it's also online!), Starbucks and Mango! I know, it's impossible. And an extra plus, you can also use the train with discount to get you to the best shoppingplaces!

Yeah, I also said night. Because from now on, you can also have a delicious dinner, stay in an hotel and get to the most partyproof hotspots, all with discount! Just take a look which restaurants and hotels are participating (:

Have you already made your shoppingroute for National Glamour Day (&Night)?
I know I have!


Kiki said...

Wat leuk! Jammer dat ik de hele dag moet studeren :( xx

Laura said...

Wat leuukkk!! Ik moet nu eigenlijk heel snel ergens een Glamour kopen zodat ik zaterdag lekker de stad in kan hihi :) x Laura

Chicks AboutFashion said...

Ik wist helemaal niet dat het alweer bijna was. In dat geval: SHOPPEN!


Chicks About Fashion

Sharon said...

Ik wil misschien wel gaan, maar het is altijd zo druk in Amsterdam op die dag... :s