Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OUTFIT ║ Maison Scotch Bodycon Fringe Sweat Dress.

Tadaaaa, see here, my newest purchase!
I still have to make a 'new in-post', but since there finally was some sun, I thought this would be better to do first (: 

As we have to wear the new collection in store and I loved this dress, it was obvious that I would at least try it on. Because a collegue of mine also has this one, I was afraid it would be way too big for me, 
but when I tried it on, it didn't bother me at all that it was a bit bigger. I actually loved it this way! Now I'm able to wear it a bit puffed, and I'm also able to wear it with a belt, so it becomes a bit more girly!

I'm still an alltime fan of the Shabbies, definitely want to thank Puur PR and Fred again therefore. 
They're just perfect! In winter for the snow, in spring/summer underneath a shorts or skirt/dress, to make an outfit a bit more edgy (: 

Tonight I'm going to Ellie Goulding! Yay me, yay life!
Any of you who is also going? I already received some comments of people who are also going, maybe I see some of you tonight, would be cool!

Ellie Goulding - Your Song.


LaceandPearls said...

Geweldig jurkje! Aaaah veel plezier bij Ellie Goulding, hoe tof :)


Carola said...

Wat een mooie jurk!

Sanne said...

Wat een gave jurk! Hij staat je super! :)
Nog veel plezier bij Ellie Goulding!


Fashiable said...

De jurk staat je echt heel mooi en veel plezier vanavond!!

Eve J said...

Prachtig jurkje! Hele mooie kleur is t! xx

Michelle Verstappen said...

Mooi jurkje! Staat je goed!
En ik HOU van Maison Scotch, echt zo'n mooi merk :)

x. Michelle

Denise said...

Staat je heel leuk dat jurkje! Heel veel plezier bij Ellie Goulding, gaaf!

fran said...



Judith said...

Classy! Dat jurkje is echt supertof!

Marloes | The Style Sandwich said...

Aah mooi jurkje! En leuk met je shabbies :) Veel plezier vanavondddd X

Emma said...

Wauw, hele mooie outfit!
Veel plezier vanavond :)

Dagdromen en Hersenspinsels said...

Wat een prachtige kleur Shabbies!

mirjam schuurkamp said...

love it babe
mooi jurkje!


Florien M. said...

Heel gaaf jurkje, staat je top!


Djuli said...

Prachtig jurkje! Heeeel mooi
Veel plezier vanavond

Kiki said...

Wauw prachtig jurkje Jan! liefs

Stacey Lui said...

Love the dress <3

Sjo - Bordeaux Bravoure said...

Prachtig jurkje!
Maison Scotch is de laatste tijd echt super goed bezig:)
Echt leuk dat je daar werkt,